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Visit Totalsports for top sports equipment

When you start a new activity or need to replace old gear, it’s convenient to shop at a place that has a wide range of sports equipment and accessories. Each branch of Totalsports  caters for a wide variety of pastimes and has specialists on hand to answer any questions on the equipment.

The different sports accessories you’ll find at Totalsports
Have a look at all the different fitness accessories we can provide at Totalsports:

Gear for your team sports – When it comes to cricket, soccer and rugby equipment, Totalsports has kit in which to train, as well as top-quality protective shin pads, guards and helmets.

Running accessories – Ensure you have the proper shoes and gear such as heart rate monitors by talking to the experts at your local Totalsports branch. We can also provide you with the extras like water packs, safety equipment and protective items for a variety of weather conditions.

Fitness equipment – If you want to work out from home, you can get all the gear you need at Totalsports. We stock a comprehensive range of exercise machines, free weights, floor mats, balance balls and a host of full training kits.

Squash and tennis equipment – From the proper shoes for the courts to professional racquets and balls, we can set you up with the right gear for your game.

Buy sports equipment from Totalsports and get kitted up for your workout.