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Legends begin playing in the backyard

At Dunlop, we have a reputation for excellent quality, durable, value orientated, sports products for the family. We know what is needed for‘Aussie’ sports. Our mentality at Dunlop is to embrace the Australian underdog. We do this by providing the best value for money products within Australia.

From all that we do, our focus is creating more from less. We believe we service the needs of ‘grass roots’ sports in the Australian market better than any other brand.

Dunlop has been producing sport products for the Aust market since 1939. Dunlop is synonymous with traditional sports. We have been supported and worn by Wimbledon winners, test cricketers and elite runners (KT26).

We aim to be a brand that provides a solution to the families sporting needs, and help create a future for aspiring athletes.